so i just bought a new webserver, the prior rt-n16 soho router is being sold, replaced with
a modern itx system. hardened kernel and userland. grsec/pax, tomoyo.

		Jeremy 2013-07-10

so i just bought the domain, the prior domain will be let expire in a few
months, so update your bookmarks.

		Jeremy 2013-06-12

this website was using lighttpd web server, i decided to give nginx a go. you may have noticed
a gateway unavailable error on march 16th, that was a miss-configuration with php/cgi. it has 
been fixed and should be stable.

		Jeremy 2012-03-16

this website is no longer hosted on the wrtu54g-tm router, that has been retired. i am now 
hosting on an asus rt-n16, added pure copper heatsinks to ram and ethernet IC. SoC already had 
an aluminum heatsink. 
		Jeremy 2012-03-16

sorry for the site down time. massachusetts got hit with heavy sleet and lots of trees took out
power state wide. website was down oct 30, 31 and nov 2. i host at home.

		Jeremy 2011-11-01

the sorted links on the left are far from complete and not exactly high priority on my todo list.
why? well i have a folder that is 40MB in size of just bookmarks that are exported from firefox.
sorting these and removing duplicates first, then organizing into catagories, then coding them
into the website will take some time.

		Jeremy 2011-10-01

	added some new catagories, added some external links in sorted links area.
testing various statistical code strategies. bbclone is ok, but theres far more out there.

		Jeremy 2011-6-12

	removed site log bbclone untill i can finish auditing permisions and other security
related settings. i roughly got 2000 hits in 2 months. 70% of which where search engine 
spider bots. i may end up forking bbclone code. 70% of visitors used windows xp, next came
linux, then macosx.

		Jeremy 2011-04-16

	site was down for a day and a half. this site is now hosted directly on my router.
see for a build guide.

added statistical anlysis and traffic logging, using bbclone. theres some bugs to be 
figured out due to dynamics but logging is working, just not as detailed as it could be. 
i will work on that later.

		Jeremy 2011-03-12

	today i noticed an error in my template layout, i need to redo the footer method, 
seems to overlap text. hackish fix, added 3 br's to ending of content pages. also fixs same 
problem with low res netbooks and tablets i believe.

		Jeremy 2010-12-06

	well today i bring online. i have had many domains, but i believe this
is the last and final one. i had been trying to get but im not paying what the 
seller wants. and no where near it... so it is.

	coding site in php/css/xhtml, no reliance on javascript. any javascript in use will be
strictly for enchancments. also no tables in use. 

		Jeremy 2010-11-22