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Freedom and Liberty - stuff i feel is benifitial to freedom and liberty

No Software Patents!
Campaign For Liberty — Home
Electronic Frontier Foundation | Defending Freedom in the Digital World
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Freedom Not Fear 2009 - Freedom not Fear 2009 - Police Brutality
Audit the Fed
Change Congress Money in Politics -- See Who's Giving & Who's Getting
LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Cops Say Legalize Drugs
— Sunlight Network
Welcome to You Street | You Street
Public Campaign | Clean Money Clean Elections
SourceWatch the good government site with teeth
Public Citizen | Welcome
Money & Politics - U.S. PIRG
Democracy Matters
Common Cause
Consensus at Lawyerpoint
Cory Doctorow’s » News
Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids: A Conversation with Neill Franklin of LEAP - Boing Boing
AntiChips: Protest VeriChip, VeriMed
Treaties and Contracting Parties: General Information
The proposed WIPO Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations
The proposed WIPO Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations
Boycott Trend Micro -
OpenCongress - Track bills, votes, senators, and representatives in the U.S. Congress
YouTube - YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS - George Carlin
YouTube - True News 2: Government Bailouts
Revolution Talk
The Peace Freedom & Prosperity Movement
Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! - Startseite
Lawrence G. Walters, Free Speech Lawyers & First Amendment Attorneys
Hulu - Charlie Rose: Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett in an Exclusive Conversation About 'the Giving Pledge" - Watch the full episode now.
Why You Should Vote YES on PROPOSITION 19, the California "Control & Tax Cannabis" Initiative | Cannabis Culture Magazine
Pirate's Cove
YouTube - ‪EFF PSA: Digital Books and License Agreements‬‎
It's time to presume the web is guilty • The Register | How we turned an old backyard swimming pool into a self-sufficient garden in a desert city.
Stop Software Patents Petition
Dataretention is no solution
Stallman storms in on Oz software patent conflab • The Register
State and Local Public Policies in the United States
The Liberty Papers »Blog Archive » Homeland Security document targets most conservatives and libertarians in the country
Our Man in Japan: Your Quick Guide to Akihabara, the Geekiest Locale in the World
LibreOffice is Launched, Offering Independence from Oracle | Techrights
BBC News - Sick PCs should be banned from the net says Microsoft
Demand Progress
YouTube - Jimmy McMillan stands out in N.Y. governor debate
MPP Home
US Uncut | No Cuts Until Corporate Tax Cheats Pay Up!
Escape from America and Its Debt...
Patentability and Democracy in Europe
The Heartland Institute: Tea Party Toolbox