i am a technology enthusiast, that is analytical and organized. i use gnu/linux, and opensource
or freeware for just about everything.

studying since the mid to late 90's:
operating systems, user interface flow, scripting, code styles, electronics of all types,
system optimization methods both windows and linux.

studying since 2000: how linux works, linux administration, linux engineering, secure practices

this website is an example of my work in secure programming methods, optimization, and
embedded design. at peak usage this site uses 17watts with an estimate 12 hours of
battery backed uptime.

this site uses php5 in which i coded a backend security framework. as well as a dynamically
loaded page framework with edit any content once logic "its effecient", xhtml, css2

i code all sites with that type of php backend. i use xhtml/css2 or html5/css3 for frontend.

in free time i am studying these programming languages and technologies:
C, eC, pike, lua, nimrod, julia

i am reasonably fluent in:
iptables, php, xhtml, css, bash, make, sed/awk, gambas2, VB6, autoitv3, batch files, vbscript

future studies:
OpenCL, OpenMP, parallel programming, BSD's pf

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heres a screenshot of my desktop:
my desktop screenshot
click it for full size.

heres a picture of my bike:
my bmx bike
Bike Check: 24" shadow limited frame.(300 made), Tioga PowerBlock Tires, trimmed bars (1" a side),
gears: 36 Snafu front, 12 and 13 rear cogs on hazard lite rear hub, sealed Odyssey Cielencki
Magnesium Trail Mix pedals on 180mm Redline monster cranks. 

heres a picture of my ebike:
my ebike
2015 motobecane elite adventure - hutchenson urban tires - 1000w electric hub from nine continent,
36v to 72v converter, 36v 20ah battery, 70kg rear rack, riser horns, cycleanalyst 2.3 

my book shelf:
my books